FAQ: NEBC Payment/Registration

Easy Tournament Registration

NEBC believes that tournament registration should be easy, and that teams/programs would welcome a simple way to register and pay for event, and to access an account status of past purchases and payments due.

With our new payment system, registering for events is as easy as any e-commerce purchase. Just select the event you want, add it to your cart, and pay!

Graphic Below: Purchasing events at NEBC is easy. Just “add to cart” the tournament/event payment option you choose by clicking the appropriate link. Once all events are in your shopping cart, complete one registration form, and make online payment, or choose to pay by check.

Important Note on Deposits

We recognize that teams may not have the funds for full-tournament registration fees at the time they register. We do require a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot in an event. Should you select and pay the deposit for any tournament(s),  an invoice for the balance of that tournament will be automatically created and accessible in your Customer Hub account. Reminders will be sent to you prior to full payment deadline, and payments can be made through Customer Hub any time prior to the deadline.

Important Note on Check Payments

Some teams wish to pay by check, and that’s ok.  When you check out on any tournament, you have the option to select the “pay by check” option. If you do, an email will be sent to you a week following your registration reminding you that at least the deposit amount must be paid within 10 days of registration.Once we receive your deposit check, an invoice for the balance will be automatically created and accessible in your Customer Hub account. You must pay the balance (either by check, or online through the Customer Hub payment option) prior to the tournament registration deadline for that event.

About Your NEBC Shopping Cart

When you purchase an event, it goes into your NEBC shopping cart. If you leave the site, and come back later to register, your previously added items will be there (unless you clear your browser history). Just keep adding events, and pay when you’re done. See graphic below on where on NEBC site you can access your Shopping Cart, your NEBC Customer Hub, and this info page.


About Your Customer Hub Account

We have implemented Customer Hub, a simple account-access tool to allow teams, programs, and player parents to access their past payment and to view and pay for any outstanding charges. A few FAQs…

How do I get a CustomerHub account?

Your Customer Hub account will be set up automatically for you when you purchase an event from NEBC. Your username (which will be the email you use when registering/purchase an event) will be your username, and a password will be generated for you, which you can change through your Customer Hub settings once logged in.

Why do I need a Customer Hub account?

You don’t, but many teams and programs have requested a way to view their past payments, and have easy access to their unpaid balances. Customer Hub provides that very easily.

What if I have an account, but lose my password?

Customer Hub has a “lost password” link which will email you a password reset.

How does this simplify event registration and payment?

With NEBC’s new registration system, purchasing tournaments is similar to any online shopping experience. Just find the tournament you want, click the link to add that tournament to your cart. If you are registering for multiple events, just keep adding those events to your cart. When complete, you fill out the brief registration form once, and pay for all events at one time.

I have a Customer Hub account, but don’t know how to access it.

You can access Customer Hub anytime by going to NEBC.customerhub.net. A link can also be found on the NEBC website, on the main navigation, under dropdown on “Your Cart” (see graphic to left).